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Before joining Erudait as a Trustee Herdriana studied Veterinary Medicine at Airlangga University in Indonesia and in her spare time taught English and Biology.  

Following this, she worked as a veterinary physician for nine years and later established her own private veterinary practice.

Having decided to dedicate herself to fight human trafficking and modern slavery,  Herdriana emigrated to England to study English in the Lifelong Learning Sector. After which she taught migrant workers for Kalayaan, a charity that works with migrant domestic workers in the UK to help them access their rights. This was a very rewarding role and helped feed her passion to fight all forms of slavery and work with survivors and victims to improve their lives.

 Herdriana brings to Erudait her knowledge and first-hand experience of human trafficking and is very excited to join the board.


Empowering refugees and survivors of trafficking