Empowering refugees and survivors of trafficking

Eli is a mother and domestic worker from Indonesia who came to England with her employer in 2001. She took this employment on the promise of good wages which she intended to use to support her children’s education.

Upon arrival to the UK Eli’s passport was confiscated and she was not permitted to leave the house.

She slept on the floor and looked after her employers five children and household 24 hours a day with no breaks and no time off.

Although she was promised good wages, once she arrived in the UK, she was paid £165 a month and at times she received no payment at all.

After a year of working for this employer, and with the help of a neighbour, Eli located her hidden passport and ran away. She travelled from Exeter to London where she was able to get support.  Following this, she secured a job as a domestic worker under better conditions.

Eli says that she is very proud of herself because she has suffered and worked hard since coming to the UK and was able to pay for her children’s education. Her daughter has since graduated from University. She is now supporting her youngest daughter and says that her life is much better.

Eli brings to Erudait not only her invaluable knowledge and experience of the processes involved in recruiting people for the purpose of forced labour but also the positive story of her strength, resilience and survival.

With Eli on the Board of Trustees we are better able to understand and tailor our services to the needs of survivors of modern slavery.


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